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Test-Driven Development allows companies to set a series of tests for their IT product to pass if it fails then modifications can be early into the development cycle to ensure issues and bugs are reduced. The industry swiftly took a turn towards Agile, and DevOps methodologies and TDD plays a vital part in both, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities for experts to find new, exciting roles.

At Senitor, we understand the critical part played QA and Testing plays in the fast-paced IT industry. So, we’ve spent over 20 years refining our service to ensure it continuously delivers speed and quality to our clients and candidates every time. Whether it’s a graduate role in an exciting start-up or senior positions in an FTSE 250 company, our team cut the jargon to deliver a straightforward service.

If you’re interested in pursuing or furthering a TDD career, then take a look at the opportunities below. Alternatively get in touch with our QA and testing team who will be able to help.

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