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Senitor opened their dedicated Ireland Operation in 2022 with the sole aim of servicing the ever-increasing demands of the developing tech sector. With a fresh global agenda, Companies of all sizes across all areas of Ireland are evolving and planning to accommodate the new trend of Home-working; opening up the IT talent pool country and world-wide. The sector is no longer limited to exceptional IT professionals migrating to the larger cities, and allows non-City based firms to flourish amidst the Candidate market.

The Irish market is buoyed by renowned brands moving their European headquarters to Ireland, which brings a high level of competition for skilled individuals from the highly desirable tech community.

If you're a Client wishing to discuss a recruitment opportunity, or a Candidate wanting talk more about our open vacancies, get in touch with our dedicated Irish Consultants on +353 1584 6866 and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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