The important rise of DevSecOps in Cyber Security

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It’s been over a decade since DevOps started to rapidly change the way businesses ...

It’s been over a decade since DevOps started to rapidly change the way businesses work. By combining the development and IT operations teams, businesses were able to improve their tech scalability and speed. Embracing the cloud and more agile solutions allowed teams to deploy more frequent releases and increase application stability. 

The IT sector is always innovating and evolving and at the time DevOps minimised vulnerabilities by introducing cyber-security processes at an early stage in the life cycle. However, as threats continue to grow in complexity, so do the processes used to protect IT systems and DevOps has now evolved into DevSecOps. 

What is DevSecOps? 

As the name suggests, DevSecOps is an evolved version of DevOps which provides more priorities towards cyber-security. Today, this approach is considered crucial and introducing security automation form the beginning reduces the risk of errors which could lead to downtime or attacks.  

DevSecOps ensures every developer and network administrator working on a project prioritise security with each application deployment. This cultural and technical shift is helping businesses address security threats more effectively in real-time which is important in a sector where businesses and threats are evolving at a rapid pace. 

What are the benefits of DevSecOps 

Allowing security professionals to work with agile methodologies, DevSecOps provides plenty of advantages for the technology sector. The most obvious benefit is the ability for teams to respond to the changing needs of applications throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring they remain secure at every stage. 

In the development stage, DevSecOps provides more opportunities for automation and quality assurance testing. Both of these stages are incredibly important as they facilitate the early identification of any vulnerabilities existing within the code. 

Alongside this, the evolved methodology means all products are secure by design. So, all software systems are created with cyber-security at the forefront, creating a robust security architecture which can adapt to the rapid industry changes and shifting customer needs. 

In the case that a security incident does occur, then the entire team is prepared. This reduces the expenses and losses caused by a cyber-security attack, minimising damage and quickly securing any breaches.   

Finally, this new way of working ensures there are no silos between the development, operations and security teams. Enhancing communication between the three different teams ensures any new piece of software will have security embedded in every part of the process. This also allows the process to be streamlined by automating certain processes such as compliance, cloud infrastructure testing and migration security. 



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