Senitor announces free IT Contractor introductions to help get people back to work

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When we entered 2020 having just celebrated our twentieth year in business as a leading IT R...

When we entered 2020 having just celebrated our twentieth year in business as a leading IT Recruiter, we could never have imagined how this year would change our lives, the careers of our candidates and the businesses we work with. Back in 1999 when Senitor launched we were helping clients deal with the panic of the “Millennium bug”, and sadly today a different and much more threatening virus, COVID-19, is driving the change we have all seen as a nation. Our hearts go out to anyone who has lost a loved one, found themselves out of work or had their business suffer from the impact of lockdown, it truly is such a difficult time for so many people. One thing we have taken away from all of this however is a true spirit of community, and this is something that we want to continue at Senitor.

Sadly we have a number of IT contractors we are working with who have found themselves back on the job market as a result of COVID-19, all of whom have impressive backgrounds across a variety of technical skills. These candidates would usually be snapped up in an instant, however due to the business impact COVID-19 has had we know that a lot of our technical clients have held off on hiring new talent during lockdown either because of the shift to working remotely or trying to reduce recruitment spend.

To help get our contractors back to work, and help our clients’ tech projects get moving again we are offering an incentive for the foreseeable future*:

Any contractors hired through Senitor will come with absolutely no agency margin attached!

There is no catch, just our way of trying to help out our contractors and clients during what we know is a really stressful and difficult time. If you choose to take a contractor on for a short-term requirement then you will essentially get a free contractor (paying only the daily / hourly rate with no agency margin). If you have a longer requirement and choose to take one of our contractors on beyond this, we will still offer to place a candidate with an initial period being free, and in turn you will also be helping to support Senitor as we navigate our way back to our new normal in recruitment too.

As mentioned previously Senitor have been placing IT professionals for the last two decades and have specialist consultants that cover all areas of IT. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Graphic Designers
  • Front-End Developers
  • React Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Support
  • SAP Consultants
  • BI Specialists
  • Testers
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Agile Project Manager
  • DevOps
  • Data Scientists
  • Full Stack Developer
  • PMO
  • Cyber Security Consultants
  • CTO / CIO

This is just a small way we can do our bit to help spread some positivity during this difficult time. If you need assistance with any part of your IT Team, even if it’s just a bit of advice on what the market is doing as you return to the office or current contractors rates, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our recruitment team is back in the office ready to help!

*This introductory offer is subject to availability, and applies to the first four weeks of employment of a contractor within your organisation. To find out more please get in touch at / 01625 540 433.

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