How to Protect your Organisation's Tech Plans during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

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We are already starting to see a huge impact from the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, with ma...

We are already starting to see a huge impact from the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, with many businesses changing their behaviours and taking a number of precautions to help slow the spread of the disease. As a company that works closely with UK organisations of all sizes to help them find great tech talent, we understand that shutting down completely is often not a viable option for businesses, so we have a few suggestions to help you future proof your tech team during this period of uncertainty.

Follow the NHS Guidelines
Conflicting information coupled with the panic caused from empty supermarket shelves and social media posts can be confusing and stressful, so always follow the advice of the NHS – click here to learn more. If your offices are still open then you need to ensure every employee is briefed on how to spot the signs of the virus, what your procedure is if someone suspects they may have coronavirus (or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed), and of course supply plenty of facilities for cleaning and sanitising hands and cleaning work stations.

Find an alternative to tech events
One of the best ways tech teams stay up to date with new technologies and important trends is through attending MeetUp’s and events within the industry, however with tighter rules around social gatherings coming into play we are expecting to see a lot of events understandably being postponed. There are online alternatives however that can allow your employees to watch events from around the globe in their tech specialisms, all from the comfort of their clean desks (or home if working remotely). Sites like TechEvents.Online are a great resource for this.

Establish a working from home plan
Some companies have already taken the decision to have their employees work remotely to avoid the spread of the virus, however if remote working isn’t something you already accommodate in your organisation then you will need to make a few changes to help your tech team operate smoothly  in these circumstances. All employees will need remote systems access and the relevant equipment to carry out their duties (e.g. computer, phone, Wi-Fi etc.). Tools like Slack and Microsoft teams can ensure project collaboration continues without any issues, and any project management tools such as Jira Software Cloud could be a big help to keep track of collaborative tasks and projects.

Stay positive and keep spirits high
We know that happy and engaged employees are the most productive, so it’s important to concentrate on keeping people calm and lifting spirits to ensure your tech teams can keep moving and meet any key project deadlines. Regular updates from the management / HR teams can help to keep your people reassured as you navigate your way through this situation, so if you haven’t already added this to your management plans you should do so now. Don’t forget how little things can go a long way either, so concentrate on ways your company can keep your tech team happy and encourage a “we’re all in this together” mentality. Leaders and managers should be the key driving force to upholding this principle, so ensure they are fully on board with your plans and helping to keep the environment positive across the tech workforce.

Don’t stop your hiring plans
In a market as competitive as tech recruitment, a lot of companies simply cannot allow their hiring plans to grind to a complete halt during a period of uncertainty like this. If you have a current need for new tech employees then the last thing you want to do is stop the stream of candidates applying / being sourced via a recruitment agency and find yourself with a far more urgent need in a couple of months’ time. Instead keep your candidate pipeline active with workarounds such as Skype / Zoom video interviews and keeping in touch with candidates regularly in the event of a delayed start date. If you want to discuss any tech requirement you have then please get in touch with us at / 01625 540433.

The important thing to remember is that we are all in this situation together, and that with a few changes and a dedicated tech team you will get through this. The health of you, your employees and their families is the number one priority, so do everything you can to support your people and reduce the risks of spreading the virus. We are happy to offer advice and support around any tech hiring plans you have, so if you have any questions or uncertainty in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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