10 Reasons to use Senitor to Hire Tech Talent

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Attracting the right people for your organisation can be difficult, especially in an industr...

Attracting the right people for your organisation can be difficult, especially in an industry like technology that is facing a skill shortage and higher levels of talent competition than others. If you have a well-established employer brand, an attractive benefits package, and the ability to pay salaries above the market rate then your job to attract candidates becomes a little easier, but the likelihood of the perfect candidate landing in your inbox can still be slim. That is why recruitment agencies like Senitor exist! If you are unsure whether using a recruitment agency to make your next technical hire is right for you, we’ve highlighted ten reasons to change your mind!

We’re specialists in tech.

Want to attract and onboard the best tech talent? Then use a specialist. An internal recruitment team will often need to work a plethora of roles, across multiple functions, departments, seniority levels and locations. Great for optimising process, but often spread too thin to really cultivate a network of talent for those niche tech requirements. At Senitor every consultant has a niche focus – one area of tech, one location, either contract or perm: an “inch wide mile deep” approach. Whatever area of IT your role falls within, we’ve got you covered across the UK and Ireland!

Over two decades of experience and history.

Founded in the year 2000, we’ve built an extensive database and network of fantastic candidates – including many contractors who always choose us to secure their next role. This means we may have access to talented people who you may never get your hands on without us. You’re in safe hands with our team!

Powered by brilliant people.

In recruitment we know it’s all about people. It’s the relationships we cultivate with clients and our approach to building strong connections with candidates that contribute to our success. We don’t focus on quick wins. We’re here to make long lasting partnerships with companies who have ambitious plans and solid brand values. 

Extensive tools and technologies.

We invest heavily into tools to ensure our recruiters can source the best tech talent for our clients. Including LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Talent Insights, Salesforce, Herefish, Job Board technologies and much more. This coupled with our extensive candidate network puts us in prime position to find the right tech talent for our clients.

Flexible options for clients.

Want to hire a permanent employee? We have contingent solutions for that. Need a contractor for a one-off project? We have plenty of those too! Interested in an RPO model? We can tailor a solution that is right for you! Tell us your requirement and our team will highlight the best approach for your hiring needs and budget!

You only review suitable applicants.

One of our clients’ biggest complaints when recruiting internally is managing the volume of applications they receive. Maintaining a positive candidate experience can be challenging when you are filtering hundreds of applications for a single role, and if you have multiple vacancies in different locations and departments this can become unmanageable without external support. When you use a recruitment agency like Senior, you’ll only review CVs for candidates who have been vetted for skills, experience, motivation to move, commute time, salary expectations and culture fit. These candidates will also have been fully immersed into your employer brand, values, and purpose, helping to maximise the offer acceptance rate if you progress them to interview!

We streamline the interview process.

No need to worry about back and to calendar coordination, simply give us your availability and we’ll organise the rest with the candidate. We’ll send all confirmation details to all parties, meaning all you need to do is show up to the face-to-face or click the link if it’s a virtual interview! We’ll act as the middleman for feedback on all sides, ensuring we keep candidates engaged through the whole process.

Motivated recruiters working on your behalf.

Our recruiters work incredibly hard to find the right candidates for our clients, often flexing outside of working hours to ensure they find the right person before anyone else. Our consultants are highly motivated with generous commission and career pathing targets, meaning they’ll always go over and above to deliver for our clients!

You only pay when a candidate starts.

If you choose a contingent recruitment service, you will not pay a penny for our services unless you hire a candidate we send, and they start with you. It costs nothing to see a CV, and even interview, so it’s completely risk free for you!

You can also get added rebate protection.

In the unlikely event that a candidate leaves within a short period after starting, or you find the fit isn’t quite right, we can also offer rebate packages / free replacements (subject to agreed terms) to cover your placement too. Just reach out to find out more!

So, there you have it, ten reasons to choose Senitor to fill your next technical vacancy! If you have a role you are ready to hire for and you’d like to learn more about our services then please get in touch today:

UK Head Office: +44 1625 540 433

Ireland Head Office: +353 1584 6866

Email: info@senitor.com

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