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Amanda Hawthorne

Finance Director

Amanda has been head of the Senitor Finance department since joining the Company in February 2000. As Finance Director, she is responsible for all accounting functions across the business and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of Finance, Payroll, Legal Compliance and Contractor Management.

When not in the office, Amanda can often be found at her stables looking after (and riding) her two horses, Bennie and Pixie, walking her dog Nala in the countryside surrounding her house or enjoying a glass of wine with family and friends. 

Amanda is also a fan of international travel and adventure and has completed half marathons and a half Iron Man distance triathlon raising funds for various different charities.  In the last 12 months she’s been parasailing and scuba diving in the Maldives and took a road trip in America where she horse trekked in Yosemite National Park, went whale watching in Santa Barbara and took a helicopter ride around The Grand Canyon.

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