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We live in an era where security experts are essential. The risk of day-to-day security threats, data loss and exposure to cyber attacks is greater than ever.

Online crime generates an estimated $1.5 trillion from IoT, Cloud-based attacks, Ransomware and Phishing. As the layers of technology become more sophisticated so do the ploys of the attackers. 

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As companies continue to compete for their place among the search engine results, SEO executives dedicate their careers to ensuring they can secure the top spots. Whether it’s making website improvements, compiling analytics reports or benchmarking against competitors, those who specialise in search engine optimisation play an essential role in getting ahead of the competition. 

There’s only limited space among the first page of search engine results, and those who can help secure it are in high demand. Therefore, our consultants have built an in-depth knowledge of the digital industry to ensure we can always find you the next step in your career. 

With over 20 years of experience within the digital sector, we’re perfectly placed to help you take your SEO executive career to the next level. So, if you’re looking for a new role, we can help. Take a look at our latest opportunities below or get in touch and discover how we can help.

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